AquaPêche 350

    Designed for pleasure angling and family use

    Simple, comfortable, and easy to transport and maintain, the Aquapêche 350 is a small boat designed for fishing and family outings.   It will comfortably take 2 adults and 2 children.

    The boat is well designed and has a large deck area for such a small boat so you can easily store tackle bags and other bits of gear.  Just the right size for fishing with a friend in total comfort!

    This model is very popular with both coarse and predator anglers.

    Colours available:

    Boat features

    Weight unloaded:
    90 kg
    Max KW/HP:
    Category / Max capacity:
    CE Certification:

    Standard equipment

    • Removable central bench
    • Forward Starboard locker
    • Galva and plywood outboard mount
    • Anti-theft mooring
    • Drainage bung
    • 4 rowlock mounts
    • One rudder mount
    • 2 rowlocks

    Optional equipment

    • Aviron 2 mètres - Rames 2m

      2m Oars

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